Unstoppable YOU!
Unstoppable YOU!  

Key District Issues

Building Bridges

Promote friendly and positive dialogue, understanding that we all have different perspectives but that we can (and should) find common ground whenever possible. Our students do not need to hear more yelling and name calling, they need to see adults working as friends and neighbors and respecting each others opinions. 

Fiscal Accountability

Embrace easily understandable financial transparency of District expenditures. This is vital for community engagement and Board accountability. 

Student Safety and Security

Student safety and security should be prioritized above many other capital expenditures throughout the District. Numerous safety and security enhancements should/could be implemented immediately.

Parental Rights and Educational Transparency

Parents have the right to decide whether non-required curriculum is consistent with their family values and if it is appropriate to present to their children.

Elimination of Political and Social Agendas from the Classroom

School districts need to create a supportive and neutral environment for all students. The primary role of schools is to educate and prepare students for future success. In pursuit of academic excellence, we must make classrooms conducive to this goal. I embrace a "No Politics in the Classroom Stance."

Community Partnership

Increase community awareness and engagement to foster a true partnership with all stakeholders. Keep all of the community informed and engaged. Create new partnerships with our First Responders.  

Stop and Reverse Learning Loss

A combination of pandemic learning loss coupled with overall lower academic expectations have had devastating and negative effects on our children. It is critial that children learn to read at their earliest years. Indeed, once children develop a passion for reading it has a multitude of extremely positive effects that typically have long term benefits associated with positive learning outcomes and experiences. 

Respond to Bullying Quickly & Effectively 

Studies indicate that when adults respond rapidly and consistently to bullying behavior they send the message that it is not acceptable. Research shows that this can help stop (or prevent) bullying behavior over time. We need to send a consistent message across the school ecosystem.

Protecting Open Space and Farmland

Protecting open space and farmland in OUR townships is essential for preserving natural areas, promoting biodiversity, and providing recreational opportunities for residents.

Inspiration is Contagious!

When students are challenged and inspired, new doors of opportunity open up and present themselves.

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